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F3 Fumagalli
Cassano d' Adda

Villa Borromeo di Cassano d' Adda, 18th century
F3 Fumagalli and its Italian resellers.

Our “green” soul

All the energy needs of F3 Fumagalli are covered by the photovoltaic system, active from 2010.
The excess energy (about the 70% of the kWh produced) is sold to other companies.
Tutte le necessità della F3 Fumagalli sono coperte dall'impianto fotovoltaico, in funzione dal 2010.
  • Power
    165.000 Wp
  • Production
    about 180.000 kWh every year
  • Polycrystalline panels
    n. 720 da 230 Wp
  • Covering
    1250 square meters

Savings of CO2

Every year, we avoid the release into the atmosphere of about 90.000 kg of CO2. So far we have avoided the release of about 630 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere and at the end of the life of the system we will overcome 1.800 tons.

"Made in Italy" components

All our machines are made using 100% Italian components, synonymous with High Quality and Reliability.

Worldwide resellers

F3 Fumagalli has an extensive network of dealers all over the world.
Our specialized resellers will be happy to support you in the purchase and the following phases of installation and maintenance of our products.


Monday to Friday : 08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00

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F3 Fumagalli Srl a socio unico, via Leonardo Da Vinci 57/A, 20062 Cassano D'Adda (MI) ITALY - IT04145150969 REA MI1728721 - Fully paid-up capital € 50.000,00 -