"Stradivari" bagging machines

Imbustatrici a freddo serie "Stradivari" di F3 FumagalliImbustatrici a freddo serie "Stradivari" di F3 Fumagalli

Ecological “cold-working” bagging machines for hanging garments, manual or pneumatic mode of operation, for PE tubulars.

Imbustatrici a freddo ecologiche, pneumatiche o manuali

Imbustatrice Manuale serie "Man" di F3 Fumagalli


Ecological manual
Ecological manual bagging machine, equipped with wall mounting brackets, with coil above the machine, for an easy and convenient packaging of clothes.
Imbustatrice pneumatica serie "Pn" di F3 Fumagalli


Ecological pneumatic
Ecological pneumatic bagging machine, mounted on adjustable support, with coil positioned on the ground, for a quick and continuous operating work.
Manuale ecologica con gambe, serie "Stradivari"

Man + "101"

Manual bagging machine with standing support, with coil positioned on the ground on special support.
Manuale ecologica con supporto bobina, serie "Stradivari"

Man + "102"

Ecological manual with coil support
Manual bagging machine equipped with wall mounting brackets, with coil positioned on the ground on a special support.
Supporto multiplo per bobine, serie "Stradivari"


Multiple support for plastic rolls
This optional allows a better organization and continuity of the labor.

Ergonomic and efficient

Height adjustable for a better ergonomy of the job, compact, in accordance with accident prevention.

The optional multiple support allows a better organization and continuity of the labor.


Robust construction using SKF bearings on the levers and self-lubricating rails.

Pneumatic version

The pneumatic version, controlled by a PLC, indicated for high volumes of work, is equipped with “2 hands” device for the operator safety. It can operate in three different ways. Emergency stop button on right or left hand.

Technical details

  • Coil dimension
    Ø 25 x 55÷62 cm (25 + 25 micron) PELD
  • Height adjustable
    ± 15 cm
  • Electrical connection
    230/1/50 - 220/1/60
  • Air compressed connection
    6 Bar


  • Manual or pneumatic lower welding bar (only for pneumatic bagging machine)
  • Start pedal for start of the cycle (only for non EU countries)
  • Automatic stapler with 1500 stitches


For complete technical details, please download our brochure.

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